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A Brain Storm During a Snow Storm

Today it snowed sporadically.  At one point it was snowing hard enough that one child asked, “Is that a BLIZZARD outside?”  I think the answer was no (not enough wind), but it was difficult to see the neighbor’s yard.  And … Continue reading

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An Ode To A Dead Fly

Occasionally. the Muse visits us. More frequently, we think it was the muse, but it turns out to merely be a result of poor digestion. Or too little sleep. Or kids. Or all of the above. My fifth grade math … Continue reading

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There’s Not Enough Coffee!

I have five kids.  And a couple of cats. And a husband.  And not enough sleep. So, really, is there ever enough coffee? So why on earth would I decide to start blogging? That is a very good question. Perhaps … Continue reading

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