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There is something welcoming and soothing about a good cup of coffee. As a child, I remember wondering how my parents could possibly go through as much coffee as they did - really, it might smell good, but I thought it was vile! Now that I have kids of my own, I think I understand. Actually, it is a wonder that they didn't drink even more. Even slightly cold, faintly stale black coffee has a restorative charm that makes mornings so much more bearable.

To the Moms at the Library, or at the Store, or at Home.

Like almost everyone who pays attention, I see a lot of special needs children and their parents. I see a mom and her teenage son who still listens to Wiggles CDs. I wish I had a flower or a gift … Continue reading

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Barbie and the Dragon

I was fixing dinner a few years ago, chicken if I remember correctly, when I heard a shriek from my daughters’ room. I washed my hands as quickly as I could and rushed to the doorway. My younger daughter lounged in … Continue reading

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Walking in the Woods, With Kids

I usually find a measure of restoration while walking alone through the woods. Watching grass bend in a spring breeze or bow under the weight of snow soothes my anxieties. The rustle of leaves or a rippling brook, the cries of … Continue reading

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Tidal Pools

I lived in California for most of my childhood, and I was fortunate enough to make it to the beach with some degree of regularity.   My parents took the lot of us there on weekends, and there were field … Continue reading

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On Spell Check and Prawns: A Request for Leniency

I will not presume that my relationship with spell check programs is particularly unique. I’ve heard of some rather interesting replacements, so I know that I am not putting forward anything new and groundbreaking. That said, I think that the … Continue reading

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In Praise of New Books

Back in high school, before I had heard of In Praise of Folly and long before I read it aloud to myself late at night in the Student Union Building in preparation for Dr. Smith’s class, one of my friends gave … Continue reading

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I went for a walk alone. It was brightly cold, and a slow wind made the skeletons of last summer’s coneflowers, bee balm, and sunflowers shush. The bare branches of the trees at the edges of the meadow clattered in … Continue reading

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